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 Brand Architect  |  Business Development  |  Project Manager

Dom Rotondi | RotondiCo

A trusted advisor, mentor, strategic leader and goal oriented producer with an entrepreneurial mindset and exposure across many areas of business.  Focused on business development, client relationships and marketing brands using modern lean processes and technological resources.  Always up for a challenge, growing, learning and moving forward.   


Owner   2020 - Present
A hands-on consulting company with a modern approach. Helping entrepreneurs build their ideas into successful, revenue generating businesses.  Trusted advisory and focus within four areas for success: Marketing, Operations, Sales & Management

Responsibilities:  Brand positioning, Website design & management, CRM & Pipeline Setup, Team Building, Trade shows,  Accounting & POS system setup, Retail & Production facility design, layout & construction, Raw material sourcing, Importing, Logistics and supply chain training & management.

7Leaf Partners

Partner   2020 - 2021
Supporting the emerging cannabis THC & CBD markets with brand building & positioning, logistics, importing & ancillary devices. 

Responsibilities:  Importing, Sourcing, Supply chain, Device design, Branding & story telling, Packaging design, Website design, CRM & Sales pipeline setup, Retail location design & flow.



Owner   2013 - 2020
National CPG brand & manufacturer of gluten-free cheese breads distributed in 3500+ grocery & foodservice locations throughout the US, Canada & Mexico.

Responsibilities:  Product invention & creation, Team building & management, Importing, Sourcing, Supply chain, Brand building & Story telling, Packaging Design, Website design, CRM & Sales pipeline setup, Production line design & flow, Trade show design & setup.

5280 Solutions / Nelnet

Account Executive   2010 - 2012
Denver based technology focused subsidiary of student loan originator, Nelnet (NNI).  With multiple technology offerings, I was tasked to lead the external sales & marketing of 5280 mainframe modernization services. 

Responsibilities:  Sales, Marketing, Client & Partner relationships, CRM & Sales pipeline, Trade shows & conferences, Branding & Story telling

Owner   2012 - 2016
Importing, sales & distribution of cellphone and tablet accessories made from sustainable, recyclable materials. 

Responsibilities:  Importing, Sourcing, Supply chain, Product design, Packaging Design, Website design, CRM & Sales pipeline setup, Ebay & online sales presence.

Citi-Habitats / NRT Marketing Group

Sales & Marketing Manager   2009 - 2010
High-end residential new development real estate firm based in New York, NY. 

Responsibilities:  Team building & motivation, CRM & Sales pipeline, Marketing, Digital & print advertising, Model sales pitch design & flow.

e-home Inc.

Client Management Executive   2008 - 2009
International industry leader in high-net-worth home automation & technical consulting.  Systems are primarily designed & implemented during new construction or interior renovation. 

Responsibilities:  Client communication & service management, Packaged device design, Branding & Story telling, Printed sales materials, CRM & sales pipeline.

Corcoran Group Marketing

On-Site Sales & Marketing   2005 - 2008
Corcoran Group Marketing is internationally known as a premier leader in the sales and marketing of high-end multi-unit dwellings. 

Responsibilities:  Sales, Marketing, Digital advertising, Print advertising, Lead generation, Reporting, Project communication.


P.O. Box 1036, Greens Farms CT 06838


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We are a group of creators, designers, marketers, builders, mentors & entrepreneurs who have come together to share our passion of building great brands & helping business owners achieve success by delivering a bespoke solution of the highest caliber.  

Our planet + your success = primary focus.

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